Spiritual Presence offers Spiritual Coaching for those on their spiritual journey and wanting to connect with their higher self. We will help those who wish to align their higher and lower self and find their higher purpose in this life, or to continue that purpose from another lifetime. 

Spiritual Coaching together with Divination, Tarot and Angel Cards can help with letting go, forgiveness, fear, self-doubt, attracting love and so on.Spiritual Presence uses Tarot, Divination and Angel Cards, as an analytical tool to determine one's thoughts and emotions, and thus outcomes, to a situation close to one's heart.

Spiritual Presence works with energies, Spiritual Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Divine Beings. We help you to deal with everyday life by connecting with the one true emotion; love.


Spiritual Presence also offers Birthday card inserts to make a card extra special for a loved one, with messages from their Spiritual Guides.


Reiki sessions include several packages. These include Reiki with Visualisation, with crystals and with singing bowls. Aura cleansing and dowsing are part of every Reiki session.

Spiritual Presence can help you get to the "Root" of the cause using Time Line Therapy.

Please note - Spiritual Presence is not a religion. It welcomes and respects all faiths and cultures. It works with energies.