What is Timeline Therapy?

It is a form or process of intervention that centres on a Timeline. It is dealt with at the unconscious level. Timeline therapy is a concept that we store out memories in a linear manner in an internal memory storage system. (Tad James)

Have you ever over reacted to a situation and found yourself repeating that same reaction, feeling the same emotions over and over again to similar issues that make you feel out of control? Some of those issues may not even warrant the over reactive reaction.

This is where Time Line Therapy can help, a technique that helps you discover or deal with:​

  • The Root cause or First event for a negative emotion or limiting decision.

  • It can help you release negative emotions from the past. The major emotions include: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt.

  • It can help you let go of limiting decisions and beliefs like: "I'm not good enough", I can't make enough money" or "I can't achieve a great relationship".These limiting decisions and beliefs stop you from achieving your full potential. In the past you may have been influenced or adopted certain limiting decisions and beliefs which still have an effect on you in the present and this prevent you from moving forward to a fuller life.Time Line Therapy allows you to leave these decisions and beliefs in the past, embrace the experience, learn and enable you to create useful and positive alternatives.

  • Setting your future goals. Once the negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs have been dealt with, Time Line Therapy can help you to set positive future goals by an easy process of using your imagination and bringing about desirable outcomes.


A little history

Humans have been aware of the concept of time, however, it was Aristotle who in his book, 'Physics IV' wrote about "Stream of time". Later William James told us about linear memory storage. Then in the 1970's it was revived again.


However, it was Tad James MS, PhD, who in the 1980's was responsible for developing Time Line Therapy. Time Line Therapy evolved from NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy. He found a revolutionary new method of getting fast and long lasting results. 

Benefits of Time Line Therapy

  • "Content free" technique. So you won't have to regurgitate information over and over again. 

  • It goes to the root of the original cause.

  • It is fast - you won't need to keep attending sessions for the next six months and is therefore, also, cost effective

  • Once you have released your emotional baggage you can lead a fuller and happier life by freely reacting to future events without the emotional burden of the past.

**Women only**

40 minutes consultation - £30

3 hours - 5 hours Time Line Therapy - £80 per hour.