(1) Payments have to be paid before each session unless it is stated on the website.

(2) Before a session or course of treatments begin, the client will sign a disclaimer.

(3) The client can re-arrange an appointment as long as they do it 48 hours in advance.

(4) If a client does not turn up they will forfeit their payment unless they have proof of illness e.g. a doctor's certificate.

(5) Spiritual Presence will note tolerate any rude or inappropriate behaviour from a client. If the client continues the session will be terminated and no refund will be made.

(6) Spiritual Presence will only refund a full fee if a session has been cancelled by the company and no other appointment can be rearranged. 

(7) When attending a session clients should wear comfortable clothes, especially during a Reiki session. 

(8) Spiritual Presence will try its best to make sure the client is in a safe and comfortable environment. 

(9) Spiritual Presence will not be responsible if the client does not fully follow instructions given during or after the sessions. 

(10) Spiritual Presence will be responsible for data protection and will only divulge information to the appropriate authorities if there is a life or death situation.

(11) Clients who take medication are responsible for informing the relevant people e.g. doctors that they are also receiving complimentary treatment alongside traditional medicine.

(12) It is the client's duty to inform Spiritual Presence of any relevant information that might affect their treatment.

(13) If you are late for your appointment Spiritual Presence cannot guarantee that your appointment will still be able to go ahead. There are NO refunds given if you miss or are late for your appointment unless otherwise discussed.