Spiritual Presence Limited in association with Kind Intentions are providing you with a service to remove any accumulation of negative vibes, energies or entities from your home or work place.


We mean to leave your property cleansed and filled with positive and uplifting energy. Creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your home or work place.

We also provide a service to elevate, raise and enhance positive energy in any place that you may wish to hold your special occasion or event for example like a wedding.

Cars and other items can accumulate negative energy or attachment over the years. We can provide a cleansing service for theses as well.

People can also become clogged with negative energies and vibes especially if they are in a toxic relationship. Negative energy and vibes can also be picked up at work places especially when work colleagues are over worked and feel stressed. We can bring harmony and help you feel cleansed, positive and boost your energy levels so that you feel a lot better in coping with everyday life.



Small 1/ 2/3 bedrooms houses only £ 80 to £ 100

Small 2/3 bedrooms with land including other buildings plus garages £ 150 +

Large 1/2/3 bedrooms only £ 100 +

Large 2/3 bedrooms with land including other buildings plus garages £ 200 +

Estates and any larger properties TBA

Business TBA

Venue for special occasions £ 100 +

For cars and any other small items please give us a call.